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Why see Postmodern Jukebox?

taking on the '20s!

A pet project of jazz pianist Scott Bradlee, Postmodern Jukebox gained a loyal following through their Youtube channel. The collective cover modern pop tracks (and some old classics as well) in a big band style. Everyone from Miley Cyrus to TLC has got the Postmodern Jukebox treatment. Now, for 2020 they're celebrating one hundred years since the 1920's - bringing the era to life through the songs of now!

Postmodern Jukebox's forte is taking a track too easily dismissed by some more 'highbrow' music lovers as disposable music for tweens and giving it a classy, big band twist. Scott Bradlee himself is a self-confessed former pop skeptic, but once users starting requesting covers from him of the latest chart hits, he began to see their innate artistic merit. He hopes that by isolating these songs from any genre or cultural baggage, Postmodern Jukebox will do the same for others.

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Aug 14


Customer reviews

28 reviews, average rating: (3.4 Stars)



I was looking forward to the concert and thought it would include the whole ensemble including Scott Bradly. We got a skeleton crew. Though they all were very good, for a venue like in Atlanta, I felt slighted by not having more singers other than the same four. ... Read more


Great Entertainment

The performers were all excellent, and all of them got into the act. The musicians were sometimes doing comedy bits upstage while the singers were performing, which enhanced, did not distract, from the performance. The art direction and lighting design were also superb. I had a very, very good time and am telling everyone to know to see the Postmodern Jukebox when they are in their neighborhoods. ... Read more


Best voices I’ve ever heard - Toronto, Aug 2

The Spice Girls if they existed during WW2, Celine Dion if she fronted a 50s Doo-wop band, the White Stripes as a classic Jazz ensemble. The concert travelled through time with some of the best vocal talent I’ve ever heard. The Celine closer sung by the host made me tingle, so powerful were the vocals. This group is not to be missed. ... Read more

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